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Sunday Service and Worship

Sunday Worship

You will find there’s a service every Sunday, with an additional service of Holy Communion on the first or second Sunday of each month.

Sunday Opening around 9:45 am Service starts at 10 am

Services for the following few weeks are listed below along with a note of forthcoming special events.

This is accompanied by a description of the different types of service that occur at various occasions. If you have not visited us before, please contact us for those who have any queries or require any information or assistance to join us in worship

After Service

Coffee and Tea are served in the Hall at no charge after the service on the 3rd Sunday of the month, and all are welcome.
A team of parishioners take turns to serve at this very lively gathering.

Sunday Morning service

Tends to be a mix of traditional and contemporary and is a relaxed atmosphere to come to, you will find every month we have a family service, often with the uniformed organisations parading.

Holy Communion is integrated within the Sunday Morning service every first week of the month. All are invited to share at the Lord’s table irrespective of affiliation to this or perhaps any other church.

We have a number of children that join us, some on a regular basis, some once in a while. On most Sundays, youngsters depart the main service during the first or second hymn to take pleasure in their particular activities at Sunday School. We also have a comfortable lounge with activities where children under 3 may be taken at any time during the service. When there is a communion service, children come back in time to approach the communion table along with their families and receive a blessing. On occasion, we have all-age worship where young children remain in the service throughout.

Sunday Worship