It is of little traits that the greatest human character is composed.

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Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.
Albert Einstein

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
Wayne Gretzky

Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Dear friends   During this month we...

Christian Aid Week

Each year, a group from the Church takes part in...

Christians are glad to give

Dear friends How often do we think other people...

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  • Friday, 31 Jul 2015> <>Each day and each night, may the wisdom of the Wonderful Counsellor guide us. May the strength of the Mighty God defend us. May the love of the Everlasting Father enfold us and may the blessing of the Prince of Peace rest upon us; now and always. Amen. Based on Isaiah of Jerusalem (eighth century BC) Loving God of all the world, we hold before you all nations, their needs and their potential. God, who reigns over governments, bring justice where injustice rules. God, who carries a weary world without growing weak, give strength to the struggling and hope to the hopeless. Creative God, who dreamed up our world, grant vision and insight to those with a heart to change things for the better. Compassionate God, heal what is hurting and restore what has been broken. With grateful hearts we thank our loving God, whose compassion never ceases, whose love for us never runs dry and whose fight against injustice never relents. Amen. Rebecca Branch, All We Can (formerly MRDF) > <>


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May 16, 2015 |

Cafe Church Saturday

We are continuing the series of Cafe Church meetings. They are a more informal way of worship and are for all...

April 5, 2015 |

Christian Aid Week

Each year, a group from the Church takes part in the Christian Aid Week collection in our local streets. It’s...

February 8, 2015 |

Lent Courses 2015

There will be opportunity during Lent to join a Lent group. As last year there will be 3 groups and you can join...

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